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Wednesday, May 12th 2021   
Ecumenical Church of Light, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Angel of Peace



On 17 September 2005, 7 angels cast in concrete sculpted by Swedish artist Lehna Edwall will be placed in 7 different places around the world - from the Ural Mountains in the north to Australia in the south. Every angel is a gift to the place and its inhabitants. This is the start of a unique art project, UNITE HOPE PROJECT, initiated by Lehna with the purpose to symbolize endless and uniting love for people around the world.
The 7 Initial angel sculptures will be placed In the Ural Mountains. Canada, Malli, Peru, Hawaii, the South Pacific and Australia. When linked together, they will form a network that reaches around the whole world. Where the Iinks meet there will be 42 new Intersecting points, creating new locations for angels to be placed. All 49 angels will protect people - projecting love, hope and light around the world.
Lehna came up with the Idea for the project when working on a sculpture of an angel In 2004, a chaotic year of war. terror and natural catastrophes. She was overwhelmed by helplessness and despair, constantly reading news about the suffering of innocent people.
The bombing In Madrid was a turning point. "Suddenly my angel had a different meaning", Lehna explains. "I wanted to manifest love. hope and light with this angel It was obvious that It was necessary to do this globally and that I needed many angels that would cover the whole world. Like a network of Divine Love. For all of us. Around the world."
A non-profit organization Is now working with the UNITE HOPE PROJECT In Initially, the group is developing a work strategy for the realization of the protect - focusing on legal questions, distribution and presentation of the protect. In addition, there are plans for documentary work Including a book, a film, and an exhibition about the protect.
The first 7 angels of the UNITE HOPE PROJECT wiII be raised by a group of co-workers appointed by the artist. For the eubaecpent 42 angels, Lehna welcomes anyone who wants to be a part of this protect to contact her. Each person will receive an angel and, together with Lehna, decide on which location they want to travel to, and thereby, as human messengers of love. hope and light, participate in establishing the UNITE HOPE PROJECT netwrok of Divine Love around the world.

For more information, please contact
For more information about Lehna Edwall

A big thank you and mahalo from the Ecumenical Church of Light, Hawaii. We are pround and honored to be part of this very special project.

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